Made in Japan Halal skin care
BLACK PAINT firm MYYUKI Company Limited receives halal certification for its production facility and products.

MYYUKI Company Limited (HQ: Kyoto city, Japan CEO: Mikyuki Maeda) has gained a HALAL certificate of Malaysian government
”JAKIM HALAL” via Japan Halal Association (Osaka, Japan) with BLACK PAINT Skin Care’s manufacturing factory and products.

The firm had been preparing to acquire Halal certification as a part of strategy to strengthen sales for the international market including those in the Islamic world such as South-East Asia and Middle East. After gaining this certificate, the company believes
it has equipped its product line under the Islamic law and further more of maintaining sanitary manufacturing environment,
to carefully choose safe and high quality ingredients, and strengthening the training for its employees.

The company wants to show it is committed to its customers health that is where halal accreditation will depicts that to its customers’ safety and choice of ingredients is their first priority for product making process. The firm also wants to show that it has been carrying the attitude for keeping high quality of the products, using approximately a hundred different chemical-free ingredients including organic farmed and organic certified plant oils and essential oils from all over the world.

Japan: Black Paint skin care firm acquires halal certification

The company said in a press release:

“BLACK PAINT” series (with no-Alcohol, and no ingredient originated from Pig) are ready to be out.

Especially our representative soap, Black Paint soap has been awarded Grand Gold Medal for 6-consecutive years at the International High Quality Award at Monde Selection (HQ: Belgium) where they annually examine the quality level of products.

Now, including this Black Paint soap, 7 categories (soap, liquid soap, cream, lotion, 2-layered lotion, essence, oil) have gained HALAL certification which will be 95% of our whole products.